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Everett's 3rd Birthday

I will say I am quite sad to have Everett turn three.  I adore the age of 2, it's so sweet... 3, well it's a little less sweet :)  hehe.  We celebrated with family and had a sweet, simple day and Everett felt special.  He was so cute.  Happy birthday my sweet boy.

Playing Around the House

Some Random snaps of the kids playing out back.  I try to pick up my nice camera and snap the kids around the house a couple of times a month. 

Big kids reading before bed, with dog in the bed, lol.

Oh, hi Ethan....😜

Helping me get my garden ready to plant...

I love my one on one time with him during the week :)

Hi Indy....

I had just said "Everett, what are you doing up there!?"

I think I said something about farts to get him to smile like this, hehe

Alayna trying to build a little fort

The Little stuff...

Random stuff from lately....

A visit to Grammy's work
Heather snapped this at school one morning during the morning pledge/prayer, it was so cute how Everett was sitting against my back while we were praying :)
Our newphew Stephen's 8th birthday...  All the local cousins plus moms :)
My T-MOMS table this year , it's been another great year :)
Alayna made a pinata herself and then filled it with fun stuff and they all had fun hitting it :)
She also made Everett a series of books, which was so adorable.  She's so creative!
 A stop at the park before school on our late start day :)

Having to wake him up from a nap when I get the kids from school is not my favorite.
 He's pretty fun :)
We've been LOVING all the springtime blooms.  We always take time to stop and smell the flowers :)
Everett and I got to have coffee with my mom on the morning of her birthday.  We can't wait until next year when she will be retired and we can spend more time with her!