A Springtime Walk

Last week Matt was in Ohio all week for work, which meant I held down the fort solo.  The week went well, but come Friday we were all happy to have Matt home.  The weather has been so lovely, and we've been enjoying every minute of it.  We went for a walk at the nature preserve up the road and it was so gorgeous.  With all the rain we got this winter everything is so full of life.  I lugged my camera along and was so glad I did, but then found myself wishing I had dressed the kids up cuter, lol.  Oh well, it's life... skinned knees and dirty faces and clashing clothes :)

These two were having the best time running through this grass and rolling down the hill.

Oh how I love being outside in the midst of God's beautiful creation.  It fills my soul with awe and thankfulness.


Kelly said…
Those are great! My favorite is the one of the four of them walking from behind. Glad the week went well but glad Matt got back!! :)

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