Easter was so gorgeous this year, perfect weather.  The only sad part was that we didn't get to share it with the Flores family.  That is the one holiday we have spent together since having kids, and we always look forward to it.  We missed them.  We enjoyed church (well I taught Everett's class so I wasn't in the service, but I was there).  We came home and let the kids have their Easter baskets, then had an egg hunt at home.  I mostly had dollars in the eggs, so that was fun for the big kids :)  We went over to my mom's for the afternoon and enjoyed our traditional Easter food.  Marlene was there as well, and my brother and Beth and Danielle, but I forgot to get my camera back out, oops.  It was such a nice enjoyable day :)

We took this family picture ourselves, with the tripod I just got :)

Easter baskets, which I had kept them from seeing by covering with bathroom towels.  I'm high class ;)

Hunting for money filled eggs was fun for them :)


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