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School is out for summer!

The kids had their last day of school on May 25th, and we are officially on summer vacation!!

The last week of school is always a little hectic.  I helped with Ethan's class pool party, and then the next day hosted Alayna's class pool party.  I was pretty beat afterwards!  lol.

Here is Ethan's class.

And here is Alayna's pool party at our house.

Alayna had everyone line up so she could show them her guinea pigs.

The Spanish Immersion classes are all about the pinatas, lol.

The last day of school.  I surprised the kids with donuts for breakfast (something I never do). It's been a great year for these two, Alayna in first grade Spanish immersion and Ethan in 3rd grade.  We are thankful for the teachers and faculty who work hard and pour love into them.

Happy Summer!!!!  Oh, and we are babysitting these piggies, they are not ours.


Ethan was very into building this ramp for about a week and jumping off it on his scooter.

Disclaimer, no he is not wearing a helmet in these.  I ordered him a skate helmet and he is now wearing it when he scooters :)


As I mentioned in my previous post, we drove straight from the wedding up to Healdsburg to visit the Flores family.  We stayed three nights with them.  It was fun to be there on a Sunday and get to go to church with them and see Danny preach.  That was also Mother's Day.  Danny and Jolene arranged for us to go to a winery that some people from their church own (Arista), and we got to have a picnic there. It was amazing because it's a private winery that people can only taste at with appointment, and we felt privileged to get to enjoy the place. We got to picnic in the area they use for weddings, and we had it all to ourselves.  It was the most perfect day, so gorgeous out and we enjoyed every second.

Together again, yay!!!

Arista was such a beautiful property.  I brought along my tripod and camera so that we could get our annual picture with all 10 of us that we normally take on Easter :)