A few randoms from April

A few random moments from April...

Thursday night dinner at the Odenbaughs... the sunset was so pretty

Me and my brother on his birthday.

The roses burst forth in April and I enjoyed cutting them and bringing them inside almost daily. 

Park time with Everett

Cousin Stephen came over for an afternoon one Saturday.

A little date with  my girly.  We brought her gel pens and coloring book to the Queen Bean and hung out for a bit.

Uncle Jerrod met us at the skatepark one day.

After dinner walks are one of my favorite things...

Everett loves his cousin Jeffrey and really enjoys being able to play with him most mornings at school drop off.  He's going to be very sad this coming fall when Jeffrey starts kindergarten!

Cousins playing with their fidget spinners.


I got a nitro cold brew one day from Bricks and Burch.  It was really yummy, but after only drinking half of it I felt like I was on crack!!!  haha.  It must have so much caffeine in it because I drink coffee every day, lol.  Probably wont' be ordering one of those again.


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