Emily is Married!

We traveled up to Sacramento for Emily and Stephen's wedding on May 13th.  Emily is Matt's sister's oldest daughter.  Dan was even able to fly out, so the whole family was there.  We drove up first thing on Friday morning, and once we arrived at our hotel, quick checked in and then went to the rehearsal dinner. We stayed one night in Sacramento, so it was a bit of a whirlwind trip.  The wedding was at 10:00 am, and ended about 3:30, so we left the wedding and drove straight up to Healdsburg to spend some time with the Floreses (which I'll post about next).  The drive from Folsom (where the wedding was), to Healdsburg was about 2 1/2 hours including the bit of traffic we hit.

Fresh faced and ready to embark on our trip....

At the rehearsal dinner at the church... these cousins were happy to be out of the car :)

At the wedding the next morning....

Marlene had originally thought that she would not be able to attend since the wedding was somewhat close to her recovering from her double mastectomy.  However, she ended up doing so well and feeling good enough, that she was able to attend!  Her sister drove her up and she flew back down.  She was so happy to be there :)

 I thought this little guy was looking pretty dapper ;)

Our niece Amanda and her daughter Tessa

Everett and Grandma

Matt and his oldest niece, now a Mrs!

And this picture is so so rare... the whole Hekman/Christensen clan! 

Bouquet toss... and I love that Alayna has some serious air here

Marlene and all of her babies!


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