Finishing up the pool area

I am soooooooo behind on blogging.  I have so much to share!  So here I go trying to catch up :)

We finally finished up around our pool area!  We had needed to do our ground cover and build a fence around the pool equipment.  Hosting Alayna's class pool party gave us the motivation to do those final products, and it looks SO good!  We are so pleased and happy that it's finally finished :)

We went to Mentone to get the big rocks that we placed around the area, then we ordered River Rock and decomposed granite that we had delivered.  The kids loved going to gather those bigger rocks :)

This was backbreaking work... hauling all this rock.  We worked so hard and we could hardly move the next day. 

The boys pitched in as well :)

Just last weekend Matt built the fence and gate that goes around the pool equipment.  It still needs to be stained, but that's it.


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