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A few more randoms

The first week of June Matt had to be in Ohio all week.  The kids and I tried to keep busy :)  It was nice we were able to go over to my mom's twice for dinner.  On the way over we stopped at the bridge that was redone on Greenspot so the kids could walk across.  I've done a couple of photoshoots there, but the kids had never walked across it.

We went for a stroll after dinner at my mom's and came across this king snake in the path.  Kinda cool to see up close :)

One other thing we recently did was visit the dinosaurs outside of Cabazon.  We had never stopped there, and so I decided to take the kids since I needed to swing by the Nike outlet in Cabazon.  THe only bummer part was that I didn't realize the actual exhibit part is something you have to pay for.  I didn't want to spend the $40 it cost for all of us, but since we had come all the way out there I did.  THe kids thought it was fun, but it definitely was not worth $40.00, lol.  Their favorite part was pann…

Loving Summer

We are loving summertime.  Savoring the slow days, time to adventure, and lots of swimming.  I can't beleive we're already almost a month in! 

On Memorial Day we went for a nice little hike together.

The first week of summer the kids and I went to Oak Glen to catch the last of the wildflowers at the conservancy.  It was so pretty.

Of course we love to swim.... a lot. 

We played in the creek at Therman Flats with friends and the kids had