Loving Summer

We are loving summertime.  Savoring the slow days, time to adventure, and lots of swimming.  I can't beleive we're already almost a month in! 

On Memorial Day we went for a nice little hike together.

The first week of summer the kids and I went to Oak Glen to catch the last of the wildflowers at the conservancy.  It was so pretty.

Of course we love to swim.... a lot. 

We played in the creek at Therman Flats with friends and the kids had such a fun time.  It was beautiful. 


Christy said…
Aren't the lazy days of summer the best!
Enjoy your down time with those sweet kiddos!
Kelly said…
Yes, "savor" is such a perfect word for the summer! I love the pic of the boys lifting that hefty log :)

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