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Our 15th Anniversary

Matt and I celebrated our 15th anniversary on July 13th.  I can't beleive it's already been 15 years... it's crazy. I am so blessed by this man.  15 years feels like a milestone. We wanted to do more than just go out to dinner, so we booked three nights in Newport Beach at the cutest little cottage we found through VRBO.  Praise the LORD my mom stayed with the kids.  I was so thankful.  We had not gone away alone together for almost 2 1/2 years!! It was so perfect, and only two blocks from the beach.  Once we got there, we didn't get in our car again until we left... we walked and biked everywhere :)  I cannot even explain how wonderful it felt to have three whole nights to ourselves in one of our favorite places.  It's amazing the things you appreciate getting to do once you have kids.  Things like be spontaneous, only bring a towel to the beach, hop on a bike whenever you feel like it, paddle board, take a nap on the beach, have tons of uninterrupted conversation…

Trip to Healdsburg

We decided to take a trip up to Healdsburg before summer is over, because we don't know when we'll be able to get up there again, and we really miss our Flores'.  The weather was so nice while we were up there and we enjoyed our time so much.  The best part about visiting them is that the kids are just as excited as we are, and they all love being together so much.

 We got to explore a few of Healdsburg's parks... which are really pretty, actually they are GORGEOUS.   Everett and Evie walking :)  Alayna gathered flowers and Jolene helped her make a flower crown...

  The big boys riding scooters at the skate park
The big boys set up a tent in the backyard and ended up sleeping in it three out of the four nights we were there.  It was so much fun for them.
Danny holding the littles
We drove out to the Sonoma Coast which was really neat.  Matt and I had not been to a Northern California beach before.  It was gorgeous.

We ended up finding the best sandy beach in Bodega…