Father's Day

We had a nice Father's Day.  We went to church, had lunch with Matt's mom, came home and Matt watched his race, then we relaxed in the pool and made a yummy dinner.

I am so thankful for Matt and the wonderful father that he is to our kids.

The day before Father's day was the anniversary of my dad's death.  It's been 15 years now.  We met up with my brother and mom and went to his placard at the cemetery, left flowers and remembered him.  We went out to lunch after.  It's always nice to be intentional an remember him.  We sure do miss him.  I long to know what it would be like to know him as an adult and Grandpa.


Kelly said…
That pool was one of the best purchases you guys have ever made!! That is a sweet pic of you guys in front of your dad's placard. :) Glad you had such a nice, relaxing Father's Day.

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