Summer Mornings

I love slow summer mornings.  The rest of the year we are rushing to get to school or church or somewhere, but in the summer we have the privilege of starting slow.  The kids are loving sleeping in and I'm loving all the quiet time I get in the mornings :)  I try to mostly still get up with Matt, and I go for a run sometimes before he leaves for work.  I've been loving the extra time to just sit on the patio and have my quiet time.


Kelly said…
Oh, how I agree!! I don't want them to end! Even if we all still wake up's still the fact that we don't HAVE to be anywhere that is soooo wonderful. :)
Christy said…
I 100% agree with you on the lazy summer mornings. The still quiet time of day blesses me!
Glad you got together to visit your dads place card and have some time together.

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