More Snapshots of swimming

Most of the pictures I take around the pool are from my cell phone.  I usually have it next to me, so it's just easy.  Here are some of the random pictures from this summer from around the pool :)

CHicken fighting with Uncle Jerrod

I think Alayna is a girl after my own heart...hehe.  Reading in the pool is the best

Alayna and her friend Elise.

Uncle Jerrod is a really good sport...

Do you see a trend with Alayna... hehe.  This is pretty much my favorite spot... in the shade with my book :)

That raft life...

We've swam a lot at night this summer.... this day was summer solstice

Ahhh summertime... we don't want you to end.  The kids go back to school on the 16th, so we have one more week.


Kelly said…
The pic of Alayna with her chair in the pool just looks sooo perfectly relaxing. Enjoy this last week. Too fast! Summer just went too fast... :(

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