Summertime Outings

A few of our favorite outings from this past month....

Irvine Adventure Playground.  We had never heard of this place, but it was free and the kids had a blast.  Aside from the normal fun play structures, they had dump trucks and sand, and other fun things.

They had life sized Legos for the kids to build with....

They could also paint on the ground and building...

I've taken the kids to this little hands on museum in Hemet every year since they were tiny... I was worried Ethan would be too big to enjoy, but he still had fun and we ended up staying longer than I thought we would.  Everett is at the perfect age and loved every second.

We got to go up to Lake Arrowhead to meet up with one of Alayna's classmates and her grandma.  She is opening a wedding venue up there and wanted to show it to me and then she also took us to her dock space and the kids got to swim and have fun.  The highlight of the day for the kids was when her husband came and took us all out on the lake on their boat (which I did not get any pictures of).

Alayna got to have a sleepover at the Mercer's... and much fun was had by all the girls.

We met up with friends at the Yucaipa Regional Park swim Lagoon and the kids had fun.  I always do this once a summer for them.

And of course one of our favorite things is our family beach days.  Matt likes to take a few random Wednesdays off during the summer and we head down there for the day.  This day was perfect!

 Ethan had fun trying to learn how to skim board.  It's hard!  He was getting it little by little...

We like to go down to Newport on Wednesdays and stay all day, then end the day with dinner at Newport Brewing Co because you can get a wood fired pizza and a pitcher of beer on Wednesdays for only $20.00.   We were so excited this time when we found out we could get half and half of whatever we wanted!  This was so decadent and delicious... mac and cheese with bacon and garlic white sauce... oh my.  The other half is BBQ chicken.  We took home half the pizza and ate it the next night as well :)

I forgot to mention that Alayna lost her other top tooth.  She now has no top front teeth :)


Kelly said…
That big yellow pad thing up at the lake looks so cool! The mac n' cheese pizza also looks yummy!! So glad you guys got to do so many fun things and make such great memories. :)

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