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Out back in September

Enjoying our backyard in September!

Alayna Turns 8

I can't beleive Alayna turned 8.  I totally say that every year each time my kids have a birthday, lol.  It's bittersweet. She was so excited and we had fun celebrating her.

I always decorate the bar while the kids are sleeping the night before their birthdays :) 

I spent a few hours on this cake... it was a labor of love, as it is a 6 layer rainbow cake made from scratch.  My first time making something like that!  Since our talented and sweet cake baker extraordinaire moved away (Jolene) I figured I'd better at least attempt something cool, haha.

We got Alayna a really nice bike (we did the same for Ethan on his 8th birthday).  Being that we live in an area with a lot of hills, it's really so much better to have a good bike that is lighter.

After church we had family and she had two friends from school over for a little pool party.