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Matt's 39th Birthday and Small Group Halloween

Matt recently turned 39.  His birthday was in the middle of an insane week that was very busy, and so we celebrated it a little early.  We made a really yummy breakfast on Saturday of pumpkin waffles with homeade caramel sauce and homeade whipped cream.  Then for dinner I made him yummy short ribs over polenta.  We enjoyed celebrating him!!!

On Matt's actual birthday we had our Thursday night dinner where we dress up for Halloween.  Alayna wanted to be a witch so we went along with the theme, except for Everett because I had already gotten him a costume.  lol. 

The witch turned Ethan into a cat!

The Oates are here visiting and they got to come along too!!!
The good
The Carnes (Caitlin is having her baby next week)
The Odenbaughs
The Kerns

SUch fun!  Love our tradition!

Pumpkin Patch

I took the kids to the pumpkin patch one afternoon after their early release Friday.  We like to go to Greenspot Farms... it's cute, simple and very cheap :)  It's just funny that in SoCal you have rosy cheeks and have to wear tank tops and shorts to the pumpkin patch.

We sprung for the hay ride this year :)

Beach Trip

The day after my birthday we headed down to the beach for three nights.  Marlene let us use some of her extra time share points and so we stayed in Capistrano Beach. We've been so blessed to be able to do this for the fourth year in a row and we've enjoyed it immensely.  The beach is generally glorious in September and October... nice and warm and no crowds.

We spent the first day at Newport Beach, doing what we love... just enjoying the beach.

The next day we hung out and went to San Clemente beach, which is just down the road from the time share.  The waves were really rough and huge, but we still enjoyed our time.  We then spent a few hours at the hotel pool.

Slow, relaxing mornings are one of the best parts about getting away!  For the first time ever we had all three kids sleep in the same room. They did well... we put Everett down and then when he was asleep we had the big kids go to bed.  The only bummer part was that he woke up at 6:00 am every morning (which is actual…