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A few Randoms

Everett was snuggling all of these lovies at once and I needed a picture because it was cute :)

It's always fun when clients snap pictures of me working :)

Everett likes to "practice piano" with Ethan.
After a Monday spin class... lol.  It's the one class of the week that all three of us usually make it to.
The Carnes hosted their annual Friendsgiving shortly before they welcomed their second baby.  Of course it was amazing and did not disappoint.

I try to get up early enough to allow myself at least 30 minutes of this, and I'm always glad :)  Matt and I are usually doing this at the same time :)  Each of us reading different things.
There were some really beautiful sunsets last week.  I'm always thankful for a nice sunset.  I can't help but take pause and praise God.

Sometimes there are some really sweet moments between my kids :)

Everett loves coffee time!!! lol

Ethan turns 10!

The day after Halloween is Ethan's birthday and this year he turned 10.  I seriously cannot believe I've now been a parent for a decade.  We loved celebrating him and he felt special.  He brought brownies to school and later that evening we had family over.


Halloween Day I took Everett trick or treating at The Village in Redlands (retirement home).  I've taken my kids there as little ones ever since I've had kids!  It's always so sweet and the senior saints love seeing all the little ones dressed up.

When the big kids got home from school we carved pumpkins, ate some dinner, and trick or treated around our neighborhood.  We used a fire pit in our driveway and ended the evening sitting around the fire :)

The Oates Visit

The Oates (just James and Faith) came to visit and stayed with us for six nights.  This is the third year in a row they have come so that James could still play in the golf tournament.   We had beauitful weather while they were here and they enjoyed soaking up some sunshine (they live up near Seattle now, so they are lacking in the sunshine department).

The odd outfits are because this was our Thursday dinner Halloween night, hehe.

We went to the beach one day, because that is something Faithy misses a ton.  IT was gorgeous and we enjoyed!
Faith is turning 40 in a few weeks, so while they were here we threw her a 40th birthday party. 

We had about 28 people come by.  I had Juan Pollo cater it and it was really nice.  The World Series was on, so people were happy to be able to still watch it :)
Faith's birthday dessert request... a Kahlua cheesecake with chocolate crust.  Boy was it decadent!  I had never made one before and it was very yummy.

Monday was the golf tournament for Red…