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Thanksgiving Break

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving break.  The kids get the whole week off, which is nice.  In between my photoshoots we managed to go to the movies, enjoy the park and enjoy a hike in Oak Glen with friends.

I got to pop into Everett's Thanksgiving feast at school... which was so cute.

The Carnes hosted our annual Friendsgiving for our Thursday night group, which of course was amazing.
Fun at the park.

A beautiful hike in Oak Glen and picnic at the park with friends.

On Thanksgiving day we started out the day with a nice relaxing morning at home.  I even went for a run!  Then we went over to Matt's moms house for a bit to see everyone, then we went over to my mom's for the actual meal.  It was a nice relaxing day, and I'll admit I was pretty happy not to be hosting this year since I had been so very busy with work.

The Saturday after THanksgiving we headed up to Oak Glen for a bit for the apple butter festival.  This was the only time this year Matt's been with us since w…

A few November Randoms

We enjoyed so much lovely weather this fall.  Everett and I ate lunch outside in the grass a lot... along with the piggies :)

Being in the Spanish program at school means sometimes celebrations include pinatas!

A random walk after school one day... and they requested that I take their picture on this bench, haha.

Since I still get to have Everett at home on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we usually get a donut one of those days.

My mom's beloved cat died a few months ago.  She has been very excited to get this new kitten from her cousin.  It's a Ragdoll cat.  It is the sweetest cat ever.  Apparently this breed is super mellow and loves being held, and love people.  So far he has definitely been living up to that!  The kids have loved getting to love on him.

Everett loves to stop and walk across the bridge that is out on Greenspot Road.  If we're not in a hurry to get somewhere, I stop for him :)

We celebrated our friend Kim's birthday in November.  The four of us go out each…

The Pumpkin Patch and Ethan's 11th Birthday

We squeezed in a trip to the pumpkin patch, but just the Greenspot Farms one, which is on the way home from school.  October was really warm this year, so we were in shorts and hot, haha.

Ethan turned 11 on November 1st!  We celebrated by taking him and a friend to do indoor kart racing, which they LOVED.  Everett got to ride with Matt and race too.  Afterwards we went to BJ's for lunch.

Halloween 2018

For Halloween this year Alayna wanted to be a princess, and Everett wanted to be a hot dog... haha.  I bought their costumes.  We went trick or treating around our street on Halloween, which is plenty for me! 

Matt and Ethan and I went with a theme, and we made our costumes.  I thought it was pretty creative and fun.  Can you guess what we are??

A BLT!!!!
We had our annual Halloween Thursday night dinner where everyone dresses up as well....
Pac Man
Inside Out
Top Gun
Jim and Pam from the Office