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I recently listened to a podcast about taking Sabbath and how important it is.  Unfortunately for me, because I do work on some Sundays, I don't always take a Sabbath.  I have recently realized the importance of becoming more intentional about Sabbath and am trying to move in that direction on a more consistent basis.

After we get home from church, I find that putting my phone away and not keeping it near me for the day is extremely relaxing.  Giving myself permission not to answer things, and to stay off of social media is quite restorative for me. I'm trying not to run errands, or do chores, or even have a "to do" list.  If I can spend time outside, I find that VERY restorative to my soul as well.  I try to spend some of my time reading something fun (which for me means fiction), resting, having a good meal with my family (but only cooking something if I feel like it), maybe playing a game together as a family, and maybe a walk or little hike.  During the summer ou…

January Happenings, part 2

More January Happenings....

The one week it actually rained this winter... haha.  The kids enjoyed wearing their rain boots.

Everett has a recent love for beanies.  He even has to sleep in them lately.  

I had picked this game up for $5.00 from Amazon with a coupon back before Christmas.  My kids LOVE it and beg to play all the time.  It's really funny and such a fun game to play as a family.   It's basically like a clean version of Cards Against Humanity.
A little stop to feed the ducks on an early release Friday.

Everett loves to swing and play on the playground every morning when we bring the kids to school.

A nice little family hike we took one Sunday.  It was more of a nature walk really, since we only went a leisure 1 1/2 miles, haha.  However now that Everett is walking with us and not riding in the hiking backpack we can't go too far.

We really haven't had much of a winter this year.  I honestly do not mind one bit... I LOVE this weather.  One of my favorite th…