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February Snippets

A lot of these pictures are just from my Instagram Stories... which is why they have text on them.
Superbowl Sunday.... the weather was nice and I spent the afternoon reading outdoors :)  Matt and Ethan watched the game. 

My reading buddy joined me for a bit
I love how excited he is whenever he gets to look at a fountain.
My little naturalist just can't help herself... she finds flowers wherever she goes

Sometimes we take the dog with us to pick up the big kids from school... Everett actually tries to get her to sit on him in his car seat... haha
I was reading outside and watching the kids play on a Friday afternoon and Alayna joined me :)

We had a bee hive take up residence in our playhouse.  Our friend Thomas came and got them out for us.  Unfortunately they didn't stick around in his bee box, but we were thankful that they are no longer in our playhouse.

They were building their hive in a chair.

Alayna reading to Everett

After our wonderfully warm weather it got really col…

Snow, finally!

It's been two years since we've had snow at our house, and the kids were VERY excited to finally get a little.  One afternoon while we were home it snowed for about 30 minutes and they got to play in it.  Nothing really stuck though.  The following week they woke up to a little bit of snow and finally got to play in it.  We had enough to have some fun and build a snowman.  It was a school day so I let them go in an hour late so they could enjoy it for a bit.

Snowball fight before school!

This was Indy's first experience with snow... she wasn't sure what to make of