Visit to Healdsburg

We went up to Healdsburg to visit the Flores family.  We pulled the kids out of school and drove up on Friday, then drove home on Monday, so we got two full days there plus Friday evening.  It was wonderful to see them as we really miss them. The kids all get along so wonderfully and everyone has a buddy.

Jolene made us delicious food, we drank some amazing Sonoma county wines, and we got to soak up the lovely spring weather and gorgeous green countryside and wildflowers.  On Saturday Jolene arranged for two babysitters to come watch our six kids, and we got to go explore for a few hours and taste at three different wineries in the Dry Creek region.  It's amazing how time flies when you just get to go be adults ;)  haha.  We couldn't have asked for better weather.  Jolene packed us a picnic and we soaked up each other and the beauty.

Where they live currently, they are next to a preserve area which is gorgeous, and then up the road they also have another preserve with hiking trails.  It was simply gorgeous with the rolling hills full of green grass and wildflowers and all things growing.

Of course it was fun getting to visit their church again and see Danny preach.  The visit goes much too quickly, but we were so blessed to be able to be with them.

I drug my tripod along with my camera so that I could take our annual picture together.  
All ten of us!

Now if only we could teleport up there and go more often... although Jolene might not feel the same way... haha!  Thanks for letting our brood invade you guys and come visit ;)


Christy said…
I'm so glad you guys got away and had such an amazing time with your sweet friends. It looks like they are doing really well up there in their new home.
Sweet pictures.
Kelly said…
That IS some beautiful scenery! How nice to have some kid free time! So glad you guys have been able to see them so much despite the distance. Well worth playing hookey from school!

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