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School Begins

Ethan started 5th grade, Alayna started 3rd grade (still Spanish Immersion), and this year Everett started three day Spanish Junior Kindergarten.  I cannot tell you ow odd it was to walk out of the school on that first day with no kids.  I have had someone home with me since I became a mom almost 11 years ago.  I was a bit teary on the way to school, but Everett was very excited and seemed ready.  To be honest, the last few weeks of summer feeling difficult made the start of school feel MUCH easier, haha.  I love that I still get to have Everett with me all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

His backpack is nearly as big as he is, haha!

The End of Summer

Summer is officially over!  We tried to get in a few more fun things before school started.  To be honest, the last few weeks of summer felt pretty difficult.  Mostly because of the fighting between the kids, and mostly it was the boys.  Everett got old enough to pester Ethan, and Ethan likes to pester, and so the two combined made for almost non stop drama.  I kind of got to my wits end and felt quite ready for school to start (for the first time ever).

Also, back in June Everett started waking up at night and not wanting to be alone in his bed.  He was doing better with some good nights, but then at the end of July he got worse.  This resulted in Matt and I and Everett not getting good sleep, because we were trying to get him to sleep in his bed and spending half the night doing that.  I'm able to get Everett to sleep in his bed initially in the night, but we finally just ended up laying down a blanket and pillow on our floor every night, and whenever he wakes up he wanders in a…

Finishing up July

I cannot believe that we start school in two weeks!!!  Summer is coming to a close so we're trying to get in a few more fun activities. 
We went to Therman Flats to play in the creek with friends. 

My friend Crystal came to visit with her two boys and we just had the best time visiting.  We've been friends since high school and she moved to Texas shortly after high school.  She's one of those gems that when we are together it feels like no time has passed, we just pick right back up.  We soaked her up for the 2 nights she visited and the kids had fun playing together. 

We had another beach day, and hope to fit in one more.
The water was so warm and perfect... Ethan and I had the best time boogie boarding.


We did not take a trip this summer, but Matt did take a week and a half off and we had a great staycation.  We spent a LOT of time relaxing in the pool, reading, going on bike rides, went to the movies, and we also did some day trips.

Alayna also got braces over the week!  Eeek.  She looks so much older now.  She needed a palette extender so that they can make room for some teeth to come in.  This is her first phase of braces, which will last a year.  Her second phase will take place around the age of 11 or 12.

Before....  And after!

We went to the beach one day... surprise surprise, hehe.  Our happy place.  We brought kites for the first time ever and the kids loved them.

We also went up to Big Bear one day, which was really a lot of fun.  We rented a pontoon boat and enjoyed being on the lake for an hour, went out to lunch, and explored the visitor center and walked a bit.