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October Snippets

Some snippets from October...
Alayna helped to lead chapel one week and it was fun to watch her singing up front.

A little walk around the block gathering leaves.
I got to go on Everett's kinder fieldtrip to the Greenspot Farms pumpkin patch.

This sunrise was spectacular....
Happy hour with friends to celebrate my birthday

October is one of my busiest months of the year for photography.  Here I am with the Harker family.  So fun since they were my youth leaders when I was a teenager.

Here I was in Forest Falls about to start 8 back to back mini sessions.  I was thankful for beautiful weather.

I decided to spring for it and take the kids to the Live Oak Pumpkin patch for the first time.  Our verdict was, while it was definitely a cool place, it is WAY overpriced. We probably won't return.

Beach trip for my birthday

We got to stay at Marlene's timeshare down at the beach over my birthday.  It was glorious and we had great weather.  We enjoyed the sand and sunshine and soaked up our time at the beach.  The best part was being there on a weekday in October, which meant we had the place to ourselves!  It was wonderful! 

Ethan wasn't with us the first day as he was at Science Camp on Catalina Island with his 6th grade class.  He had an amazing time, and we picked him up from Long Beach on our second day down there.

Feeling thankful on my 38th birthday with my family in one of my most favorite places: Newport Beach.

On my actual birthday we spent the day at Newport Beach, and then picked up some charceuterie and ate it at sunset on the beach across from the timeshare.