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Time with Everett

I can't help but feel sad that my time with a kid at home with me will soon be over.  I sure do enjoy my Tuesdays and Thursdays with Everett.  He is such a sweet kid.  Last week he wanted to drive his Jeep up the road and walk around the construction site.  They are building a box culvert bridge, and they weren't working because of the weather.   We were out for an hour and it was 39 degrees!  I was cold!

It snowed off and on all day that day, but nothing stuck to the ground.


The kids and I have been enjoying walking and exploring in our area.   It's so beautiful right now, with green hills and snow capped mountains, and there's even a stream with the snow melt from Oak Glen.  This time of year is so beautiful in this area!

Rainy days

We've had quite the winter this year with all the rain and snow.  We've gotten much more than normal.  One fun thing about the rain for kids is puddles to jump in!  I will be happy for spring and sunshine no doubt, and it will be very pretty with all this rain we've gotten!

Alayna wanted to bring rain-boots and go to an area up the road that has huge puddles.... so we did.  Everett and Alayna had fun walking through them.  Ethan was at soccer practice when we did this.


We still have yet to get actual snow at our house, but we did get some up the road.  On President's Day I took the boys up the road to El Dorado and we finally got to try out the sled I had bought.  There was a tiny dusting of snow... not much, but enough to sled for a bit!  It was gorgeous outside and made for some pretty pictures. Alayna was super bummed to miss, but she was at a sleepover at my mom's.

Everett was having fun collecting chunks of ice.