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Everett is 5!

Everett had his 5th birthday this past weekend.  He was so excited to turn 5, and so cute.   We went to church and then took him to John's Incredible Pizza.  The kids all had a blast.  We came home and had cake and presents.  It's bittersweet each birthday they have... each year that passes.  Sweet to enter a new year, and also sad to leave behind yet another stage.

Spring Break

We had a great spring break.  Thankfully it was warm and gorgeous the first few days.  It then turned cloudy and rainy at the end.  We made sure to soak up the gorgeous weather while we could!

Flaghill Park is so beautiful right now with all of the flowers.

We met some friends the next day and hiked a little at Hulda Crooks.  Everything is pretty and green right now!

A Few March Randoms

Ethan had to make something to sell at 5th Grade Market Day.  We helped him make stress balls out of balloons and flour.  They turned out cute.

Alayna and friends made a garden at school... I thought it was super cute.  
I took a solo hike up to the fire lookout tower with Indy.  She did great!  It was such a gorgeous day.

Walking up near our house after school one day... the kids were having fun playing with the trash people dump up there.  It makes me angry that people dump... but at least they had fun.  They were rolling tires and then they found a broken car to ride down the hills, haha.

A quick stop at the lookout in Redlands on a gorgeous day....

Wrestling with the boys :)
They had decades day at school.... Alayna and Elise dressed up as the 80's decade.  It was cute.  Ethan did not want to participate, lol.

I love that Everett comes out of his room and snuggles me in the morning when I'm having my quiet time.... sweet boy.  I love that he still fits in my lap.