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The Lawrence Welk Resort

My Aunt Kami booked three units at the Lawrence Welk Resort in Escondido.  Her and my Uncle Roger, and then my grandparents, and also my Aunt Kami and my uncle Ken all came out from Colorado (those are my dad's two sisters).  My brother and mom were there as well, and we joined for three days after we got out of school.  It was nice to see everyone and spend time with them, and the kids had a blast. The timeshare was really nice.  They had lots of pools, but we spent time at the two with the watersides. Thankfully we had some sun our first two days.  The last day it was rainy and cold so we found things to do inside.

Everett was excited he was tall enough to go on the waterslide.  He was so cute.
Matt and I went down a couple of times too, haha.

There's a golf course all through the resort.  My Papa is a lifelong avid golfer, and still plays three times a week.  He was teaching Ethan about the game here. 
It is so special when my kids can spend time with their great grandparen…

The Last Week of School

We had very cold temps, no sun and lots of rain the last week of school.

Everett had his last day of preschool a few days before the big kids got out.

The weather was quite the bummer because at our school the kids all have end of the year pool parties. I once again hosted Alayna's class party.  The temps stayed in the 50's, but the sun did peak out a few times.  I had the pool heated to 85, so the kids still had fun swimming, but they were cold when they got out of the pool!  I set up a hot chocolate bar for them.  I was laughing because that's the first time I've ever set up a hot chocolate station for a pool party!!!!

The day before the last day of school (May 22nd) we had crazy weather.  It was in the 40's and it poured and then hailed, and we had thunder and lightening.  We got over an inch of rain within 45 minutes!  It was so crazy.  My garden and roses did NOT like the weather :( It even snowed in our local mountains!

The last day of school was gloomy and r…

May Randoms

May has been a VERY full month! Here are some snippets from the first part....

We started the month thankfully with lovely weather for the annual Holland Festival at school.  The kids had a blast and it is a very full day.  This year we had the pleasure of seeing all of them perform, and Ethan twice as he performed with his class and band.  I didn't get a picture of him.  When not performing he was running around with his friends all day.

We finished up GEMS and Cadets at church. This was my second year being a GEMS leader for Alayan's grade.  It was a good year and the girls really love it.
Alayna made her own board game.  She is so creative.
Muffins with Mom's at the kids school.  This year I got to go to three different classrooms.  It is always a sweet little time.

With all the yucky weather we've had in May, I had said all I wanted was a sunny day.  I got my wish and was so happy we could enjoy being outside!

I soaked up my last few weeks with one on one time with…