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More June Fun

Some more fun we had in June...

I took the kids to Irvine Regional Park one day.  None of us had ever been and it's a really cute place. It was crazy because it was drizzly and quite cold when we went, but we still had fun.  They have a little zoo, a train you can ride, ponies you can ride, a little lake with paddle boats, a nature center and lots of trees and pretty areas.

 Everett fell asleep on the way home, which is rare... hehe
Poor Everett had a fever and didn't feel well for three days.  He fell asleep on the pool deck!  

Lunch and feeding the ducks (who actually didn't want our food and were more interested in fighting and mating... hahaha)

We went out to Irvine Adventure Park with friends.  The kids spend most of their time playing with the life sized Legos.  The boys in particular built the tallest structure they could.

Jerrod is trying to get into hiking shape and so I have met him for a couple of smaller hikes at 6:00am. He has the goal of hiking the Grand Cany…

Happy Father's Day Matt!

I love this picture of the kids with Matt on Father's Day. He's such a great dad and we love celebrating him!

Alayna loves to snuggle him... I love the sweet relationship each of the kids has with Matt.

Oak Glen Nature Preserve

We have been up to the Oak Glen Nature Preserve twice this summer and always enjoy walking around.  It's especially pretty this year after all that rain we got. We love that this is so close to our house.

June Randoms

Back at the end of May I took the kids up the road to play in the creek.  The water was rushing and so full yet, as there was still snow melting. We stayed for 90 minutes, but they wanted to stay all day!

We got to go tour this cute little place near our house with the mom's group from church.  It's called Gardenworks and it teaches kids all about gardening.
My brother and Ethan and I hiked the fire lookout one morning.  It was both Ethan and my brother's first time.

The wildflowers this year have just amazed me and I have savored them.

Everett likes to mow behind Ethan with his bubble mower and it is quite adorable.
Celebrating Marlene's birthday with the family.

We are already half way through summer, so crazy.  We are so loving it!

Alayna and I got to sneak away for a few hours for some girl time.  It's hard to find one on one time with the kids but I love when I do.  We got haircuts and then I took her for shav