Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break was such a much needed week off.  We enjoyed!  The first few days thankfully had lovely weather. Thanksgiving parties before break.... I really wanted to get out to Joshua Tree with the kids over break.  Besides photographing the Painos there a few weeks prior, I had never been to Joshua Tree State Park.  It was so gorgeous and we had fun exploring and climbing boulders.  What a beautiful place. My brother came along with us, but Matt had to work.  We had gorgeous weather... it was in the low 40's, with sunshine and no wind. We started November with heat and shorts and tank tops, and ended with snow!  We got a very cold storm on Thanksgiving and it snowed.  It was fun to see everything blanketed in white and the kids had fun playing in it.  The snow capped mountains and sunshine the next few days were just gorgeous. We went over to Matt's mom's house for Thankgiving and were joi

November Snippets

November started off very warm, we even layed by the pool one Saturday! On Veteran's Day the kids and my brother and I went to Jenk's Lake and walked around for a bit. It was at least a little cooler up there, versus the high 80's at home. I love when we don't have anywhere to be, and the weather is nice and the kids and I can take a walk after we get home from school.  These are some of my favorite moments! Some snuggles with Dad Everett was so cute photographing leaves one day.  He drug out a step stool so he could get closer. Petting a neighborhood cat A date night for Matt and I... always appreciated! I am often greeted to little surprises from Aayna on my night stand.  She makes the cutest drawings and creations out of paper. A sweet moment around the dinner table.  Now that it's so dark at dinner time, we love lighting candles at the table.  I love the ambiance it creates. Alayna